BCTR(S) Seminar 2017: Timetable


July 1, 2017 by Harnessing Chaos

Sent in from the BCTR Executive Committee (BCTREC):

Location: Prince of Wales pub, 118 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EE

DAY ONE (Wednesday, July 12)

11.45-12.15am: Arrive

12.15pm-1.00pm: David Tollerton, ‘The Brand New Testament as Revised Brianology’

1.00-2.15pm: dinner

12.15pm-3.00pm: Taylor Weaver, ‘Paul, Philosophy, and Contemporary Problems of Community’

3.00pm-3.45pm: Michelle Fletcher, ‘Come out of her my people! Revelation’s Imitative Negotiations with Empire, Past and Present’

3.45pm-4.15pm: Break

4.15pm-5.00pm: Victoria Omotoso, ‘Script and Ethnicity in the Lumo Project’s Gospel of Mark’

5.00pm-5.45pm: James Crossley, ‘Corbyn and the Development of the Bennite Bible’

7.00pm onward tea [ed. meaning of ‘onward’ not yet known]


DAY TWO (Thursday, July 13)

11.15am-12noon: Aysha Musa, ‘Solomon J. Solomon and an Artistic Portrayal of the Biblical Delilah as Other’

12noon-12.45pm: Damien Cyrocki, ‘Must You Support the Death Penalty to be a Christian? The Bible and the Polish Right-winger, Janusz Korwin Mikke’

12.45-2.00 dinner

2pm-2.45pm: Jo Carruthers, ‘Purim’s lawlessness: Carnivalesque, Chaos and Anomie’

2.45pm-3.30pm: Tom Hunt, ‘Gender, history, and coloniality in Henri Marrou’s reception of Genesis 32’

3.30pm Close


The Twitter hashtag has been established by a specialist task force and sub-committee, spearheaded by hashtag champions, and which reports back to the BCTR Executive Committee (BCTREC). It is:



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  3. […] the two days of the BCTR seminar (12th and 13th July) follow this link to one of the organisers, James Crossley’s wordpress site . His blog has all the details regarding venue and […]


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