BCTR 2016 Timetable and Papers

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August 29, 2016 by Harnessing Chaos

​The timetable and papers for the free BCTR seminar in Glasgow (12-13 September) at DRAM! (232-246 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6ND) are now available. Here they are:


11.30am-12.30pm welcome and buffet (/dinner/lunch)


Michelle Fletcher, ‘Realities, Desires and Repeat Performances in Orange is the New Black and the Book of Revelation’

Jon Morgan, ‘Mohammed So-and-so from Such-and-such: Race, Whitewashing, and the Future of the Bible on Screen’


James Crossley, ‘Reception in Real Time: What’s (What’s Left of) the Bible in Brexit Barrow?’

Damien Cyrocki, ‘Do Modern “Cults” Mimic Jesus’ Family Relations. A Case Study of Heaven’s Gate’


Mette Bundvad and Jonathan Downing, ‘Jimmy Cauty’s “Aftermath Dislocation Principle”—A Not-so-Secular Apocalypse’

Sam Tongue, ‘Marginal Maps: Geopieties in Sixteenth-century Protestant Bibles’


Ana Valdez, ‘António Vieira, SJ, and the “Brasilian Barbarians”

Mike Gulliver, ‘Oo[h] Heaven is a Place (of Complex Heterotopic Transaction) on Earth’


Fiona Black, ‘Chagall’s Canticle’s: Painting Love’s Affect through the Song of Songs’

Wan Wei Hsien, ‘A Grammar of Objectivity: Baruch Spinoza and Biblical Interpretation’

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