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  1. Revealed! How Jeremy Corbyn is wiping out humanity! An essay


    August 14, 2015 by Harnessing Chaos

    ‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred’—C.P. Scott, former editor of the Manchester Guardian The propaganda model developed by Noam Chomsky …
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  2. Want to do a PhD…?


    August 11, 2015 by Harnessing Chaos

    Chris Keith has outlined some of the possibilities involved in doing a PhD with either himself, Steve Walton, or me at the Centre …
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  3. BCTR Birmingham 2015: Programme


    August 9, 2015 by Harnessing Chaos

    BCTR Birmingham (9-10 September) Location: Prince of Wales pub, 118 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EE. Look at their website. Further details can be …
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  4. Social Memory, Form Criticism, and the Criteria of Authenticity: An Interview with Chris Keith


    August 7, 2015 by Harnessing Chaos

    Biblical Studies Online has the details of my interview with Chris Keith. We (or, rather Chris) cover a range of …
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