Forthcoming seminars at Sheffield


October 9, 2014 by Harnessing Chaos

After David Lincicum (‘Mirror Reading a Pseudepigriphal Letter: Colossians as a Test Case’) last Monday, the forthcoming biblical studies seminars at Sheffield are:

13 October 2014 Dr Robert Myles (University of Auckland/University of Sheffield), ‘Jesus, Work, and Class: On Marxist Exegesis as the Next Big Thing in Biblical Studies’

20 October 2014 Dr Emma Rhatigan (University of Sheffield), ‘John Donne’s Biblical Encounters’

3 November 2014 Professor James Crossley (University of Sheffield), ‘Rudolf Rocker, George Orwell, and Anarchism: The Fate of the Radical English Bible’

12 November 2014 Dr Casey Strine (University of Sheffield),‘A History from the Losers: The Hebrew Bible, Forced Migration, and Ancient History’

17 November 2014 Hidden Perspectives presents: Dr Caroline Blyth (University of Auckland),‘The Delilah Monologues’

8 December 2014 Dr Robert Royalty,‘Staging the Bible: Performing Jesus at the Holy Land Experience’

All welcome


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