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August 11, 2014 by Harnessing Chaos

Rather than transferring posts, here are some links from Sheffield Biblical Studies on recent uses of the Bible in parliamentary politics:

The Liberal (Democrat) Bible and Thatcher’s Bible
More Liberal (Democrat) Bible and Thatcher’s Bible
Introducing…the Liberal Holy Spirit!
Lib Dems: They Don’t Really Do God?
Terry Wogan’s God versus the God of Parliament
Woolwich and What Politicians Think Religion Is
Thatcher and the Bible: Audio Lecture
Audios: The Bible in English Politics (Benn, Thatcher, Blair)
Biblical Studies Online podcasts: Reception and Tony Benn
David Cameron’s Latest Bible
More on Cameron’s Christian Country: Every True Religion and None is Democratic and Tolerant!
Nicky Morgan replaces Michael Gove but…the Bible remains


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